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Our customers are in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, soon also you ….
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Our company, established 1992 housed within the complex of the Sanremo Flower Market in Valle Armea until 2006. Since then we have built our own warehouse very close to the same Sanremo Flower Market, where the world famous “Salita del Poggio” of the “very classical” bicycle race “Milan-Sanremo” begins; so we are now already 12 years long operating in the most spacious and functional rooms.
Our company was born as the natural continuation of the family business founded in 1968. Since then, we are specialized in Swiss, German, Austrian markets. We are every day on the Swiss Market and 2 or 3 times a week on the other ones. Each day was for us an important step, gaining more experience and professionalism. There are now thousands items that we deal during the whole year. This is to tell that in 2017 we celebrated the first 25 years of the company “Viglietti Sergio”, and in 2018 50 years after his father’s foundation.

Despite the modest size of our company, our staff of 15 employees and 3 family members, is able to follow our customers in a more detailed and specific way, making sure to satisfy every request made by our customers; Furthermore, our buyers carefully select farmers and suppliers to guarantee you quality and freshness of all kind of goods marketed by us. One buyer of ours is solely dedicated to the availability of English and other cut roses, which we sell selected by length in centimeters, a second buyer cares for all kinds of cut flowers and blooming foliage and a third one takes care of any ornamental green and varied foliage.

In the office we have an employee from German speaking Switzerland and a German native speaking. Everybody of us is also able to speak and write French and English.

We are very attentive to all news in any product branch: if we don’t find any, we look for anything new and test it together with our old customers and let it grow by our best local farmers exclusively for us.

We market and export all kinds of ROSES (from greenhouse and open field), CARNATIONS, OTHER FLOWERS, BLOOMING and GREEN FOLIAGE available on the Sanremo market but not only! We also have excellent contacts in the nearby market of the French Riviera and in Central and South Italy.

We also have our own production of ranunculus, classic, Clones and Pon-Pon, which we will thus have at competitive prices, grown in the to our building neighboring modern computerized greenhouses.

Much care is given also to the packaging of the goods which, according to your needs, can be carried out in carboard boxes, acquapack, plastic containers, CC and double CC carts. We are equipped in order to label the goods with bar code, ready to be exhibited and quickly sold.

We rely on expert in perishable goods shippers, equipped with refrigerated trucks: they are professional, on time and reliable.

We also have a license for the trade of all food products, olive oil and various canned in oil foods included!

The trust expressed by our customers is a source of pride for the results we achieved in these years and a bond, because we establish with each new customer a relationship of understanding which is not done without.

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Viglietti Sergio & Gabriella

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