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Established in 1992

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Our Company...

This adventure has distant roots, It started with Sebastiano, the householder, in 1968 in the jewel of the Ligurian Riviera, the Sanremo area, known as the cradle of floriculture: Sanremo is known as the City of Flowers. Their beauty is known all over the world and their unmistakable scent makes the air of this Ligurian city inebriating. Those who come to Sanremo know that they will be amazed by the colors and delicacy of its flowers.

Sanremo is a destination for tourists all year long and not only for the famous Song Festival. The atmosphere in our cirty becomes brilliant and vibrant when autumn arrives and immediately after winter when the flowers bloom abundantly even outdoor; and then explode in spring.

The current VIGLIETTI SERGIO company was established in 1992, continuing the way of the activity beginning by the family.Our headquarters were located until 2006 within the complex of the Sanremo Flower Market in the Armea Valley, the center of gravity of the flower production of a large basin that crosses the borders of the Province of Imperia and also welcomes products from other areas of Italy. From that date we moved to our own warehouse, especially built in the immediate vicinity of the Flower Market, at the beginning of the famous "Salita del Poggio" of the "classicissima" "Milan-Sanremo" cycling race: therefore we have already been operating for over 15 years in the largest and most functional spaces.

In 2022 we celebrate the first 30 years of our company "Viglietti Sergio" while in 2018 we celebrated the first 50 years of the paternal foundation.

A great achievement that makes us feel proud of ourselves and of the following generations with the aim of bringing to our customers the highest quality.

We sell all types of Cut Flowers and Ornamental Foliage, 12 months a year, to make rooms more elegant or to give a strong emotion.

We have always specialized in the sale of cut flowers and ornamental foliage. Our customers come from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France .

Over the years we have made ourselves known moreover abroad, as we “bring” the Italian love and romance also to other countries. After all, flowers are exactly this: a message of beauty, delicacy, which is worth more than thousand words.

Our talent is satisfying every request come by our customers, never neglecting the quality and freshness of what we are going carefully to prepare.


Our staff...

Our staff is made up by the owner Sergio and his wife Gabriella, who are personally involved; over them there are 15 people who we define as “collaborators” rather than “employees”. Some of them have accompanied us in our growth for more than 20 years.

Everyone has his own role: who deals with the purchase and choice of suppliers, who reselects flowers, who packs bouquets, including the personalized ones, who controls and picks up the goods, who packs, who communicates with suppliers, who takes orders and so forth. We are deeply committed to ensuring the best service and those who buy from us can confirm this. We never stop, we are never tired. We love our job too much!

In collaboration with the owners, 3 buyers look for the best and most reliable suppliers. A buyer focuses only to the availability of Cut Roses (English and non), which we sell with selection by the centimeter; a buyer focuses on all types of cut flowers and flowered fronds and finally a third one takes care of the search for all types of ornamental plants and various foliage.

In our office we have two Swiss-German mother tongue employees and a very technological young nephew. We also have French and English customers, ensuring the best possible communication.

With every order, with every delivery, day by day we improve more and more. Today we are a large team of professionals with decades of experience in the botanical field. What really distinguishes us, however, is our great love for the beauty of our territory and for the ambition to preserve and perhaps improve its prosperity.

We take care of our core business all year long, to ensure the freshest and most wonderful flowers and greenery for every occasion. We deal now thousands of articles during all the twelve months of the year.


Continuing to grow...

At Viglietti's workers don't like to sit back. We are always looking for new solutions to guarantee the best service to our customers.

When we run low on news we look for them, because however this area of Northern Italy offers a lot of possibilities for new crops.

We create synergies with our best suppliers: we value with them the new crops to be planted on the basis of the requests of our customers in order to provide the best products which we know can “tell” our typical Made in Italy.

We approach to our customers, in a continuous exchange of feedback, in order to understand where possibly improve. We observe market trends and people's tastes that change and we try to adapt quickly. Keeping up with times is essential!

Working closely with nature, we carefully take into account the best procedures for safety and sustainability in cultivation, to guarantee the best to our customers, the final consumer and the environment. We are never satisfied with our achievements; we are projected towards an eco- sustainable and cutting-edge future.


Our Products...

We commercialize and export all types of FLOWERS, FLOWERY FRONDS, ORNAMENTAL GREEN and VARIOUS LEAVES which are present on the Sanremo Market but not only! We focus for 95% on the local product, but we are also well supplied by our excellent contacts in the nearby market of the Cote d'Azur and of the Central and Southern Italy, in order to be able to further expand the range of products to offer every day.

We are very proud of what we are doing on the Mediterranean Carnation: this flower, that at the end of the 1800s got started the journey of the "City of Flowers" to become the World Capital of the Flower, was getting lost. Now in the Viglietti Sergio company we were been able to bring the marketed quantities of this flower from a few pieces to nearly 700,000 cut sold stems per flower season in the last ten years also thanks to the tested triangulation between us, our trusted suppliers and local breeders. Many varieties, which we obtain exclusively for the first year, are naturally reserved only for our customers, so that they can in turn offer an exclusive product. Today it is one of the flowers that we treat the most and this result is giving great satisfaction to us, our customers and our producers: it benefits the entire supply chain.

By applying the same method of success and thanks to the continuous research of new varieties by the owner with the buyer of roses, we have specialized in several species of english/old/scented Roses, always treated in an exclusive way.

Naturally, we also treated all the other typical local flowers in large quantities, as well as all types of cultivated ornamental greenery and undergrowth.

We also devote great care to packaging which, according to needs, can be carried out in: cartons, aquapacks, containers, CC trolleys and double CC trolleys. We can eventually label the goods with a barcode, ready to be displayed and faster sold .

We rely on couriers expert in the transport of perishable goods, equipped with refrigerated trucks: professional, reliable and punctual.

We also have a license to trade all the typical food products of our area, known for theTaggiasca Olive such as olive oil and various preserves in oil, all produced and packaged in the closest to us area.

The trust expressed by our customers is a source of pride for us for the results achieved in these recent years. With each new customer, we try to establish an important and deep relationship of understanding and complicity.


The best flowers of Sanremo for sale online...

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We take care of everything till the smallest detail, not only in the first shipment, but in all your future orders that we will have the honor of receiving.